Renting a water cooler couldn’t be easier with Aquafria We offer a range of water machines, including bottled water coolers and mains-fed dispensers,
floor-standing and countertop machines with the option of Sparkling water also available.

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Countertop model

It is the ideal water dispenser where space is a premium. Gives instsnt hot cold and sparkling water.

Undercounter chiller and taps

The water cooler is housed in a kitchen cupboard leaving only the tap visible on the countertop

Contactless mains fed water cooler

Contactless water coolers provide clean and safe drinking water because they require zero hand contact to dispense the water .

Bottled water cooler

A bottled water cooler is an efficient way of providing chilled, great tasting water for customers and staff for those businesses that do not have access to mains water.