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Sanitisation should be one of the most influential reasons behind choosing a water cooler; your staff and customer health and well being are a primary concern.

Aquafria have a unique cleaning system for our coolers. We don’t use chemicals or solutions to clean out the internal piping of the machines and to try and hopefully flush everything out with a few gallons of water.

We completely replace all the internal piping (Water Trail Technology) every 13 weeks. Effectively you are getting a new machine every 3 months.
The European Bottled Watercooler Association (EBWA) recommends that all bottled watercoolers should be sanitised 4 times a year.

Aquafria have spent a great deal of time and effort creating a sanitisation system that is unique and the most technologically advanced in the industry.

The unique disposable Water Trail provides a sealed system from the water bottle to the dispensing levers so ensuring the continuous supply of high quality water.

Cleanliness – Responsibility – Quality

Aquafria’s water is drawn from the purest, carefully selected springs. To maintain its original, crystal-clear purity your watercooler should remain impeccably clean at all times.

We are responsible for the quality of our service and it is our commitment to provide regular sanitisation of your cooler, which consists of replacement of all the dispenser elements that are in direct contact with water; they may get dirty during use and affect the taste and quality of the water.

Simple rules of cleanliness

3 months after the first installation of your Aquafria watercooler you will be visited by our technician responsible for sanitisation.

While maintaining fully hygienic conditions, the technician will replace all the worn-out dispenser elements that are in direct contact with water.

Sanitisation of your cooler shall be invoiced monthly. An information tag and a sticker with the date of the next visit shall be placed on your cooler following sanitisation.

Quarterly visits are recommended to ensure your cooler remains in a safe and hygienic condition.

Patented WaterTrail™ Technology From EBAC

All our watercoolers contain Ebac’s patented WaterTrail™ technology.

Patented WaterTrail™ Technology

The most effective way to sanitise a watercooler. Something our customers can see and believe in.

User Replaceable

Simple and quick to change with no need for service engineers.

No pre-delivery sanitisation

Deliver and install the watercooler straight from the box.

Always ready to dispense

Always stays full of chilled water even when the bottle empties. No chill down time after bottle change.

No Leaks

Pin holes in the water bottles will cause no leaks.

Patented ‘Hedgehog Spike’

Patented label splitter system prevents ‘labels in the water’.

Super Clean Manifold System

Safely drains away spills from bottle caps. No contamination into drinking water.

Renew – Not Sanitisation

All water contact parts are replaced every time a new WaterTrail™ is fitted.


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