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Aquafria Products

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Aquafria can satisfy all your water requirements by providing the following;

  • E-Max Hot & Chilled and Cold & Chilled Water Coolers
    available as bottle fed or POU plumbed-in models.
  • F-Max Hot & Chilled and Cold & Chilled Water Coolers
    available as bottle fed or POU plumbed-in models.
  • Water in 18.9L and 11.5L bottles
  • 7oz Plastic Cups in sleeves of 100 or boxes of 2000
  • Paper Cones in sleeves of 200 or boxes of 5000
  • Bottle Racks (3 bottles)
  • A sanitisation service second to none
  • Hot & Chilled Counter Top Coolers (details on request)

The F-max cooler is a quality product that looks fantastic in any setting. It has a high burst rate allowing you to pour more water faster and can be sanitised in 60 seconds due to its trademarked cassette WaterTrail™.
It is built from heat resistant plastic, making it safe around electrical equipment in the office. Its vacuum sealed hot tank keeps a consistent temperature for hot drinks and the electronically controlled water temperature ensures there is no energy wastage.

The F-Max comes in a variety of colours, with replacement side panels and an integrated cable tidy minimising any trip hazards. It can easily be repositioned in your office, as it has inbuilt wheels.
This model comes in two varieties: Chilled & Cold and Hot & Cold.

With the F-Max we offer you a quality watercooler that looks fantastic in 16 different colour combinations.
The F-Max is the world’s most complete watercooler – with it’s stylish and modern design it will blend seamlessly into any location, and the unit can be further customised with any one of 8 changeable side panels.
Featuring Ebac’s Leak Prevention Manifold – which means that pinholes in bottles never cause leaks, and the Vacuum Sealed Hot Tank that saves customers hundreds of pounds each year on running costs.

Aquafria Products - Colour options 2

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