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FMax POU Cooler.

Aquafria / FMax POU Cooler

The FMax POU Water Cooler

Our latest fleet watercooler that combines impeccable reliability with exceptional performance – with a variety of features and available at a price that offers considerable value for money.

The Cassette WaterTrailâ„¢ makes perfect sanitisation easier than changing an ink cartridge in a modern printer, and you can also have a watercooler that provides you with an award-winning insulated Hot Tank which is 30 times more efficient than ordinary coolers.

The removable WaterTrailâ„¢ replaces all water contact parts, and is the only system available to offer true 100% sanitisation every time.

Alternative methods of sanitisation do not completely sanitise the cooler and therefore do not meet EPDWA sanitisation guidelines. Studies have shown that chemical cleaning systems do not remove all bacteria in the cooler, whilst ozonation methods are ineffective at removing biofilm build-up.

With the WaterTrailâ„¢ system we can offer a sanitisation method that appeals specifically to your requirements – with 100% sanitisation and cleaning in a matter of seconds. Other systems risk taste taint and do not fully clean every part – bacteria left in one miniscule area will soon contaminate the whole drinking water.

The F-Max POU is the Evolution of Watercoolers

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