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There are ten gorgeous colour options so you can choose whether you want your BIBO to blend in, match up or stand out.

…boiling & chilled filtered water at the touch of a button. Throw away the kettle, filter jug and bottled water! Welcome to the future of water.

BIBO is a multi-stage water filtration appliance. It filters your mains supply producing high quality, great tasting water. It then dispenses it, boiling and chilled, at the touch of a button.

Combining many features not yet seen in a single appliance, BIBO does away with the need for a kettle, filter jug and bottled water.
If you want to transform your tap water into clean, fresh, great-tasting water then BIBO is for you. It’s time to say hello to BIBO.


It’s recommended you drink 2 litres of water a day. But drinking lukewarm tap water with the chlorine added by water companies to keep bugs at bay is often not a very pleasant experience. BIBO makes water taste great and chills it to your ideal drinking temperature.

Water Conservation:

If you don’t already have a water meter it’s likely you will soon. Imagine how many litres of water you waste running the tap to get the water hot or cold. With BIBO you don’t waste a single drop.


The water you consume out of the BIBO dispenser will be completely pure, thanks to its ultrasophisticated and powerful UV filter
– definitely preferable to the water we consume out of taps. – “Latest Gadget”

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